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140531 Fansign Event in Ilsan
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That’s not all. There are Infinite reasons why i love Sunggyu.

S u n g y e o l

  • I took the same plane as Max Changmin and Kyuhyun, and I even took the airport bus together with them.
  • I could not see their faces because they were blocked by their sunglasses.
  • They are celebrities whom I was not particularly concerned with, but because everybody was chasing after them, both of them ran away from everybody while laughing hahaha. It was too cute hahaha.
  • after that when I saw the photos my friend took, in the plane Max Changmin wore his sunglasses and spoke with Kyuhyun beside him while laughing.
  • another friend greeted the flight crew well so the flight attendant said he or she would let that friend know a secret, that he or she saw Max Changmin sleeping with his sunglasses off
  • cr: eessjj7
  • T: mug_ping

Changmin - Gold Dust 


make me choose between two things:

                                                      sexy Changmin or goofy Changmin

                                                       (asked by anonymous)

#starbucks date + korean lesson with @sorarainbow Unnie 😊

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♥~Welcome to my blog~♥

Hello everyone I am Valerie~♥
A 93 liner that likes DB5K ,Infinite, Nell, BAP & VIXX.

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